FAQs Carbon Credit

What is a Greensome Farms Carbon Credit?

When you buy a Carbon Credit from us, you will be confident that your purchase is actually sequestering carbon. We donate a quantity of technical compost to Farms within our network. Let me explain how it works. We work with the Farm to understand the current state of their soils and production. We then work with Rodale Institute and partnered local compost manufacturers to build compost with custom nutritional profiles that we ultimately donate to the participating farm.

From Day 1 that compost and the carbon inside improve the quality of the soil, support the growth and development of a productive root rhizome,  improve water performance and increase the overall value of the farm. Over time with regnerative practices that soil continues to sequester carbon, think growth begats growth. That soil base then becomes an asset for the Farmer to receive ongoing income from as it continues to create carbon sequestering biological action. We manage the ongoing performance through proven agronomic instrumentation and adminster payment through blockchain (Etherium) backed smart contracts.

We're able to price our carbon credits so that anyone who cares about climate change and American Farming can participate and have real impact. Starting at $1 and with no upper limit, we make real value happen today and tomorrow.

In addition to the Certificate of Carbon Sequestration we send you, we also send pictures of your contrbution, and if the Farm agrees, the general location of the field upon which it is acting.

Why Compost and what is good technical Compost?

Compost is the finished product of the decomposition process. It is simply nutrients, water, and a stable carbon (humus) framework containing deceased microbes and fungi. Its what plants evolved to be nourished by. Along with small rocks, sand and clay, it’s the core component of living healthy productive soil.

Good technical compost is compost whose creation is aligned with well-understood compost rcreation guidelines. It has undergone heating to a certain degree and for a certain time to kill microbes that make us sick, is free from medications and chemical pollutions, is free from dangerous levels of heavy metals, in addition to meeting or exceeding a host of technical agronomic nutrient levels and ratios. What compost is made from matters, and how it is made matters. We have partnered with Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA to help us always get the technical details of compost right. We supplement the nutrient profile of the produced compost to marry the needs of the specific farm soils, terroir and production requirements.

It was the founder J.I. Rodale that first coined the term “Organic” as applied to farm practices and food production. We're proud to be working with an organization that has always championed soil health, staying true to the mission over the last 70 years. Regardless of your feelings about “Organic” foods, it should be obvious that we should only ever spread good, clean, disease and pollution-free compost on farmland.

Why hasn't this been done before? It seems so simple.

Cost. For all the benefits, compost is too expensive per yard for the average Farmer to use widely on their fields. Thats where we come in, because we donate the compost, the farmer recieves all the direct agronomic benefits while you and I recieve the benefits of sustainable, proven carbon sequestration.

What about methane?

Methane has gotten a lot of press recently as a very significant greenhouse gas. It is.

Methane is roughly 30 times as potent at retaining atmospheric heat then CO2, it warms the planet as if on steroids for a decade or two before decaying into CO2, where it can then persist for centuries.

The atmospheric levels of methane are currently increasing by ~10million tons per year. The only known biological process that removes methane from the atmosphere is microbial oxidation in unsaturated soils.

This means that the best way to address BOTH CO2 and Methane is the increase of functional microbial life in soils. Working compost into the soils does just that. That’s why working with us to increase the organic matter in soils matters even beyond the tons of carbon dioxide plants easily remove from the atmosphere.

Nothing else known works on methane, which has now started racing into our atmosphere as the permafrost thaws, released from the ice.

There is another very powerful greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, which is also consumed by soil bacteria. And here.

How do you pick your Farms to receive compost?

We only work with regenerative growing farmers who welcome and care for the investment in their farm's soil health. 

We track and trace their farming practices and their soil quality over time.

If you are a farmer interested in participating or know of a farm that would love free top-quality compost, please let us know by sending an email to: kareemb@greensomefarms.com

What about compost delivery to Farmers? Do you use diesel trucks?

We do use diesel powered trucks. We calculate our carbon footprint and separately sequester carbon in volumes to offset our use. We exceed carbon neutrality, we are atmospherically net carbon negative.

We handle all the deliveries by contracting with the best value trucking service available. We always try to stay as local as possible. As we continue to grow, maybe we can convince a Tesla, Rivian, Nikola or some other electric vehicle manufacturer to build commercial trucks and spreaders we could use. If something does change, we'll be on top of it.

   So you said what you are doing about CO2 in the air now, what about ongoing emissions? What about waste incineration, burning coal, natural gas, petroleum, shale oil? What about nuclear?

We know that fossil fuels will be with us for years to come.

So what do we do in the meantime while people argue about solar or wind power, about geothermal or biogas, about nuclear? We say we act now, today, sequestering CO2, bringing us the changes we need for our future and let Big Oil, the Greens, the conservatives and the progressives, the scientists and the engineers, the investors and the politicians have the time they need work out good solutions for power generation.

We also think burning organic waste is lunacy. Better to compost it.

If you are still debating whether or not to participate, don’t take my word for it, we're encouraging you to google "climate change" of IPCC and see for yourself.

FAQs Greensome Farms Income School

What is the Greensome Farms Income School?

The Greensome Farms Income School is the Income First platform we use to organize the tools and resources you will need for your journey to generational income security.

How does it work?

The first couple of hours after signup you recieve your Starter packet. It contains tools to help us know you and your situation better, a text introduction to Coach (your first virtual accountability and basic facts coach), access to our real-time 250+ resource plus list for canned income opportunities, placement in your first income growth mastermind, your discount code for the World's largest Coaching database. 

In a few days you will recieve our all natural, regeneratively-grown gut health supplement (contains only regeneratively growth psyllium husk, inulin fiber from regeneratively grown chicory root and magnesium citrate, 0 synthetics), and our recycleable Commitment to Income Focus band.

Get started. We make it easy.

How do I make money as an Income School member?

1. You have VIP access to hundreds of canned income producing opportunites from Day 1. Review what other members have said, Choose what fits.

2. You get paid every month for students you recruit and support in your downline. We pay you for product feedback.

3. You can begin to monetize your knowledge by coaching inside of our coaching ecosystem and make unlimited income.

4. Build connections, get the warm introductions you need for resources for your own customizied income streams solutions (eg side-hustle, new job, entrepreneurship, venture funding, partnerships, online, IRL) Grow what works, Build what fits.

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