about us

Greensome Farms solves the high cost of Organic and as such is a pioneer in regenerative organic agriculture. We care deeply about global soil health. We now know that when soil is nurtured and farmed regeneratively, run-off pollution is reduced, more carbon is sequestered in the soil, healthier plants are stronger, and as a result, higher quality and quantity of nutrient dense food is grown. 

At our core, we believe Organic is for Everyone. We reject the fake news that Organic is for the elite. We work everyday and will partner with anyone to help take costs out of the Organic production and distribution system- generating better profits for Farmers and better affordable food for ourselves and our livestock. 

We use a proprietary combination of technology and microbiology to leverage the natural powers of soil.

This confidential information is used to help Farmers become more profitable while improving their field’s value and growing capacity.

Brands rely on us for high-quality, safety tested, regenerative organic ingredients that can be safely used in their trusted consumer products. 

Consumers enjoy peace of mind as they have new fresh and packaged options in the marketplace that are transparently sourced and safety tested in the field. 

 Greensome Farms is on the forefront of this organic revolution and couldn’t be more excited to invite you to join us, as we better work with the powers of nature and technology to help farmers safely feed our planet, grow better tasting, more nutrient-dense food, and avoid the coming horrors of abnormally severe heatwaves, storms, floods and droughts for our kids and grand-kids. We do not believe we need to spend billions on as yet undeveloped, under-tested risky engineering projects when we can simply point those resources into investing in our Farmers, Ranches and Forests, safely and profitably sequestering carbon back  into compost and soils. Better Results because of  Better Ways.

Some additional things to know about who we are:

  1.  We believe that Farmers should Farm-free: free to grow what and how they think is best, given their soil, weather, circumstance and judgement. Never to be dependent on an outside company to grow enough to make a living. 
  2. We believe Eaters should Eat-free: free from ingredients they don't want, free from practices they don't abide, free from Growers they don't know and free from chemicals they don't trust.
  3. We believe our soils are a national treasure.
  4. We are contributors to Family Farm Action and are signatories of the Farmer's Bill of Rights.