We empower you to feel stronger and more capable by enabling optimization of your unique gut microbiology.

Our commitment to regenerative, biome-first agriculture at every stage is what makes us different.


Through our mutual-aid network, digital technology and cutting-edge microbial agronomy, we cut the high costs of organic production.

Our Connected Farmers:

  • May contract pre-harvest sales (Up to 100% of Total Harvest), 
  • Stop paying the Soil Degradation Tax,
  • Lose less yield because of standing water and drought damage,
  •  Qualify for our Year-end Cashback Rebates, exclusive Member Deals, and "Cash-for-Carbon" Carbon Sequestering Program,
  • Simplify and Enjoy the learning curve,
  • Make fields stronger, more productive, healthier and more valuable,
  • Improve yields of  in-demand, healthier, anti-oxidant rich crops.


Our Customers benefit from:

  • Reduced Brand-Risk by Securing GMO/BE -free, Glyphosate-free, Bad-practice-free, authentic Regenerative Organic products
  • In-field Testing, Tech-enabled  "Clear-to-Pick" Food Safety Program,
  • Rodale Institute Approved Label,
  • Regenerative Organic Certification,  
  • Know your Farmer Program:  Field-to-You transparency,
  • Access to our Locally- focused Nationwide Grower Organization, 
  • Integrated Supply Planning.